Open Casting Call

Shoot From The Hip Media has already secured a significant investment from Film Cymru and BBC Wales, for a feature documentary, ‘My Grandfather The Spy’, scheduled for international release in cinemas from May 2018.

Dave Evans Co-Founder of Shoot From The Hip Media who are making the film said, 

"The film is an investigation into the disappearance of my grandfather around Christmas 1979. It's a real life stranger than fiction documentary film that takes in espionage, jewel heists and the deepest family secrets which start to un-fold. 

It's been a strange experience casting members of my own family for this film. Stranger still has been casting myself as a 16 year old and as a ten year old. I've had to revisit all the old family albums and I'm struck by how skinny and emaciated all of us kids looked back in the seventies. We're not looking for look alikes but we have to have actors that we can reasonably cut to from archive photos and that narrows the field down a little. Dark haired,  boys who look as if they haven't had a square meal in days and are confident in front of camera are not that easy to find. "

Cai Howells Co-Founder of Shoot From the Hip Media said, 

‘We have held casting sessions looking for the final two cast members with no luck as yet. It’s such a unique story and will be released across cinemas early 2018. We are keen to nurture Welsh talent and now looking to Media Wales to help us find the two remaining cast members. Essentially what we are looking for is two young men to play David, a boy  10 years old black hair, skinny, blue eyes and as a David teenager - 16 years old, black curly hair, thin. The team making My Grandfather the spy is a small and friendly crew, committed to giving young and aspiring actors a break in the industry. There is no experience required but we do need the person to be confident in front of the camera. "

The open casting will take place at the company many offices on Sunday 22nd October 2017 at 2pm.It will be at the company offices- Shoot From The Hip Media,Sustainable Studios- 7 Curran Road, Cardiff, CF10 4NE.Anyone wishing to attend should goto the companies website for more details For more info please contact Casting Director, Aleksandra Jones 07531 581808