Making a film is a journey of discovery in itself sometimes. Our Co-Founder Dave is in  Prague filming for "My Grandfather the Spy' Here's an insight...

"HIt Prague about midnight. Stayed at beautiful retro apartment near the city centre. The host Petr went above and beyond the call of duty in waiting up for me. Woke up in the morning to sweet black tea and chatted about the project. I keep forgetting there's a Czech angle to the film with Robert Maxwell, 'Capt'n Bob' , having a walk on part in my grandfather's life.

Took a very long stroll to my pick up. I like to wander in a new city, get a feel for the place by losing myself in the back streets. That I did. Get lost. You make all sorest of neural connections while you're trying to piece together a mental map of the city - like learning a new language. Coincidences and stinginess seem to leap out at you from street corners and alleyways.

I came across a sign above a shop - 'Hoffi Surf', a Welsh surf shop in a country with no sea, Welsh exiles, homesick for sand and sea in a  land locked city or Czech's who once rode a wave at Porthcawl? I wonder."