Cardiff Story Museum

A documentary exploring the experiences of young people growing up in Cardiff.

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St Fagans

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Gwent Police

A drama-documentary exposing the dangers of so-called 'Legal Highs'.

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Friends of the Earth

A film celebrating the 30th anniversary of Friends of the Earth Cymru.

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The Huggard


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Life is so much stranger than fiction: My Grandfather the Spy delves into the closely guarded family secrets of Dave Evans, and the disappearance of his grandfather in 1970 who made frequent trips behind the Iron Curtain during the height of the Cold War.
Co-directed by Martin Scanlan, the film sees Evans stumble into an extraordinary plot that takes him from the quiet Welsh Valleys to a world of jewel heists, the international jet set and Cold War espionage,

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A coproduction with Braidmade Films, the story of Peter Lloyd a man in the grip of Electro-Magnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome. Peter is allergic to all forms of electrical current - radio waves, mobile signals, batteries, computers. EHS is not recognised in the UK and Peter is fighting to have his condition medically recognised. The film follows his fight to survive and find some support for his illness.

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The Librarians of Timbuktu

Working in partnership with Onar Productions to bring to life this story. The documentary tells the tense tale of how a group of librarians risked their lives to save the priceless ancient manuscripts of Timbuktu from the hands of religious extremists.



Pretty Village

"You never think your teachers and classmates will become killers. When it happens to you, how do you learn to live again? How do you rebuild your life in the face of denial and indifference?"

Pretty Village is not just a film about a Bosnian village. It tells a bigger story, about what happens to a society torn apart by conflict.

This film poses the question of whether peace and reconciliation are even possible in a country where the killers walk free, hailed as heroes.