Media Training

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With our communications expertise we are in a unique position to offer training on how to engage the media, whether you are new to speaking to the media, looking to gain more confidence in delivering your key messages or if you are a company looking for media training should a crisis arise in your workplace.

Our aim is to make you feel more confident about giving interviews whether that be for radio, TV, digital or print. Our award winning team have expertise in directing, presenting live, outside broadcasts and pre-records. If you are more confident about yourself, what you want to communicate and how to do that, both you and your organization will benefit. We can help you communicate with passion, integrity and the confidence of a pro.

Should you require stylist services and voice coaching, we can tailor our approach to your needs.  We have worked with a number of high profile people from the world of politics and entertainment.

Our media coaching delivers the same result time after time – individuals who are more confident about giving interviews for TV, radio, print or online.  We’ll help you become more confident about representing yourself and your organisation in the best possible light. We can help you to positively raise the profile of you and your organisation. Your tutor will be someone with years of experience of working in the media. Our consultants know all the tricks of the trade and have experience of training hundreds of people – from the CEO down.

Every course is tailored to your individual needs; whether you are a beginner wanting an introduction to the media or a seasoned professional wanting to prepare for a particular interview.

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Presentation Skills

Do you ever get nervous when it comes to the thought of doing a presentation or giving a speech? Our simple but effective trying sessions could help you become more confident in the workplace, board room and beyond. We will help you gain the skills to communicate your message most efficiently, help you organise and structure your points and well as giving you the tools on how to create a memorable presentation

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Social Media Training 

Creating memorable content for your organisation or business can seem daunting when there are so many digital platforms. What to choose? Facebook live? Snap Chat? Instagram? Twitter? periscope? The choice is endless. We will work with you and your team to help you understand which digital platforms will serve you best. How best to strategically create content to gain the most traffic and create walkability as well as generate new likes, followers and shares. Our training sessions will help you gain a better insight of tailoring content for your brand or organisation, listening to what your needs are and ensuring you are part of the digital discussion.